by N.T. Bullock

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DPARTURS is a collection of new and unreleased tracks recorded between 2005-2017.


released April 7, 2017

All songs written & performed by N.T. Bullock
Mastering by Prahlad Strickland
Album Cover based on photo by Manny Pandya



all rights reserved


N.T. Bullock Louisiana

From Mississippi, lives in New Orleans, and hides away, creating anything possible.

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Track Name: Supercoil
We’re not all the same, but we’re mostly scared
Fear makes us lie, but mostly to ourselves
Will you help us?

We will only tangle you
Help us.
One bad apple can ruin our orchards

We won’t last long if we just stay still, blind leading blind
We won’t last long if we just stay blind

A danger to ourselves
Helpless beetle on its back
Grabbing at the air, designed to fail, and play along
Track Name: Blank
You're telling me it's full
Tell me there's no more
Page is written and it cannot be revised

Look into your eyes
See a story there
Even though the stare your giving back to me is blank

Resuscitate me bring me back to life
We do it over
Round and round we go
And I don't know to say it clearly
Clearly from my bones
Unless we leave the page we've written blank

Think about it none
Think about it all
You'll do it, but don't do it on the day you die

Finish what you start
Start something to begin
Don't leave me standing next to someone blank like me
Track Name: Million of Me
’Cause you’re confusing me again, yeah
Perplexin’, flexin’ my brain
Even though I wanna know, I feel you judgin’ me the same
And I know no matter how much I try it’s my only brain
It would take a million of me to understand you

You’re perfect in every way, up on a pedestal

Do I need decoder rings to understand you?
Tell me everything, and I’ll just nod
Your words break me again
Can I hear it a million ways?

’Cause you’re confusing me again, yeah
Track Name: Invisible
We are the perfect thing that we’ll never have

Nothing unrequited. Everything unspoken. We can’t. We won’t. We shouldn’t. I silently agree. We only whisper to ourselves. In this time and in this place there is only risk, only disgrace. We’ll never come to home to one another. We'll never have a life as one.

We are the perfect thing that we’ll never have, and I can only hope you know.

Tell me as the train pulls away, or tell me as your plane lets go of earth. I get a sinking knot in the back of my throat. I been in a dark place that I wouldn’t trade with anyone.
Some love is invisible.

Slipping through the air, nothing to grab, holding onto things I never had
No disappear, nowhere to go, holding onto things I never showed, but I'm holding on
Track Name: Every Little Thing
Give me every little thing that I want
And if you don’t give it to me I walk
I don't want to be the one who bailed
But If you don’t give it to me I'm walk, walk, walkin’ away

Ticking tocking like a broken clock
Torn up ten ton shoes I can’t take off
Solving rubik’s cube inside my head
And Dalí paints time pouring out instead

Can’t let “can’ts” outweigh the wants in me
A new condition with more fight than flight
Self-ultimatums simply should be taken seriously

Small grains of sand, slip through my hands
Self-serving, out of control - in control but out of
Track Name: Interval
... you were the sun, my galaxy, you are the one that escapes, you are the dream before I wake
Track Name: Shackled (phone recording)
Your gravity don't leave no slack
Bruises from pushing back, scars on my feet
Zip-ties digging in my wrists
Shackled by the neck, but holding the keys

You can take me all around, all around, all around town
Tell me it's a long ride down

Every little thing you do
Can't help adore you, your every move
ignoring prudence to its face
If I'm disease, the cure surely is you

I know I slow your every move
But I wouldn't leave you, even if I could
Track Name: Got It Wrong
Take my hand, follow my every word
I'm a natural born leader, so "in my steps"
Sheepish, crowd-like marches in my name
Together through all of this we are to blame

I'm your country right and wrong
"Patriotic" got it wrong
Got it wrong

It's on your plate and you have to finish
It's a different world now and you have to defend it
The cynics will have to wait, swallowed is the bait
The power of a few needs the hands of many
Track Name: Touch & Go
Lay my hands upon the earth
I push, it pulls, I fall
I won’t be a part of it
I can’t, lift up, my chin
I won’t lie again to you
I did, I lied, again

I won’t be there when you wake - I can’t, I won’t, I’m running out of time, I’m running out of lies

Where them angels fly? The soul believers.
Why go bother them? Well I ain't no one, no, I won't do it.

Please don’t, please don’t go away
Touch and go, touch and go

When it strikes me down you’ll know
Strapped in, ready, to go
Hear it secondhand about someone you used to know
I won’t be there when you show
So say, it all, right now
Pastures filled with broken clocks - they tick, they tock, we wind up and we stop, we’re running out of time

I'm not, a soldier, put me, front lines, of life, and tell me, I'm headed home

Please don’t, please don’t go away
Touch and go, touch and go
But keep me with you
Track Name: Badlands
Tell me not to drive fast, but i know we don’t last, so what, we die young anyway
Forget the plan, it’s 86’ed, it’s over now, forget the future I can see it in the rearview,
I bet this thing can fly

We die young fast - get me outta here

Fever dreamer

A million miles an hour, only feels slower, wide open, punch it to the floor
Die young fast, take the medicine, die young or take your medicine

Fever dream, i won’t wake all night long
Track Name: Weightless (live)
When I lean, where’s my strength, when the weight comes
I don’t mind the pain
But just how much can I take, when the weight comes
And it surely comes


There’s gotta be an downhill ‘round the bend
Because I’m dancing figure eights again
Guess I shoulda listened, life’s gonna be hard
Been carryin’ this weight too far

Willful children, grown up and aged
Can we handle ourselves with grace when the weight comes
And it surely comes

Carry on
Track Name: The End
You can't stop the end happening
You can't control everything