by N.T. Bullock

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Special thanks to Harry Hansen.


released October 25, 2011

Produced, performed by ntbullock



all rights reserved


N.T. Bullock Louisiana

From Mississippi, lives in New Orleans, and hides away, creating anything possible.

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Track Name: Daft
The speed with which we choose to speak
Radar-clocked and out of control
A throttled invitation towards unease
These bitter bits we bite down on
Maybe I should hold my tongue

What a stupid thing for me to say
What a stupid way for me to be
What a daft being I have been
What a stupid supposition

Please forgive if it is acidic rhetoric
But I don't feel alkaline, out of line
Maybe it's you whose skin is bruised so easily
My words won't stop your heart
Maybe I should hold my tongue
Track Name: For What It's Worth
You have been there thick and thin
You have been right there when
No one else would step in
Time and time and time again
Don't you tell me you're afraid
I won't believe you
You say you're tattered and you're frayed
I'm counting on you - and you on me

For what it's worth, I've always loved you

We have been here before
We have passed through these doors
Needle's eye we have strained
Our souls may rearrange
That doesn't mean we've changed
It just means we've questioned
What it is that makes us tick
Not denying progress
Track Name: Stepping Stones
It used to be so simple, I like you, maybe you like me
Maybe we can see where we can go
Around the world in eighty days or maybe more who knows
I'm gonna need a boat if I'm gonna show you the whole world across every ocean
I'm just one man, but I feel like none
If I could make a difference I'd make just one
Just because you breathe doesn't make you
Just because you bleed doesn't make you human

Don't lay down
You'll stay right here
Forever and ever
Don't lay down
You'll stay right here... forever and ever

In one door and out another
Sometimes in this life we have to share our lovers
With someone else who maybe needs them more
Or maybe we've been bested at love and war
Maybe I'm not the one for you
And maybe I'm just here to see you through
The wrong time, the wrong place, the wrong look in your face
I'm gonna make a different difference

To be inhuman is to be unbroken
Track Name: Made To Break
Go, I won't stop you
Those days are gone
All you ever said was, "I don't know"
We were made to break
Don't stop, don't stop

Wisdom evading
I hear you saying the same things
Reocurring spells that could last forever
A tug of war for more
What less could you want
Track Name: Teknology
There's no accident that can't be fixed
There is no slip of the tongue, travel in time machines
And erase all the mean things
Conveyor belts that carry us, from our births until we're dust
The galaxy at your finger's tip
Communicate in broken bits


Analog analogies, simply get lost at sea
The moment that is your life, married online to binary wives
And I don't mean to alarm you, but missles falling from the blue
No need to worry, those bombs are smart
They'll never blow us apart
Track Name: Devil Through The Walls
And the Devil may want me to do bad things
My ears are open, I am listening

The belief in something good brings with it something wicked
An open vessel, an open mind
The wicked and the wise
They whisper from behind
The beauty of a timeless fear
A dark character to blame for the guilt that is on my hands
Believe in one, believe the other
Track Name: Triggerfinger
And we might be able to put out all our fires
But only if that's the only thing that we desire
And all our eyes were peeled for warning signs that never came
And the meek made mild are the meek gone wild, they're one and the same

Tell me I'm wrong, tell me I'm right, all night long
But in our face could be the fame of fallen grace

And the shots fired ring 'round the world in silence
And they put a dent in the very heart of our innocence
Public pathology and casual casualty, the study of our time

I don't want to be a part of the human race
It's a race we're losing every moment of every day
And I don't want to close my eyes and wish it were another way